ACM 2020

The unit is single door multifunction standalone access controller. It is suitable for mounting either indoor or outdoor in harsh environments. It is housed in a strong, sturdy and vandal proof Zinc Alloy electroplated case which is available in either a bright silver or matt silver finish. The electronics are fully potted so the unit is waterproof and conforms to IP68. This unit supports up to 2000 users in either a Card, 4 digit PIN, or a Card + PIN option. The inbuilt card reader supports 125KHZ EM cards,13.56MHz Mifare cards. The unit has many extra features including lock output current short circuit protection, and a backlit keypad. These features make the unit an ideal choice for door access not only for small shops and domestic households but also for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, banks and prisons.


l Waterproof, conforms to IP68
l Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
l Full programming from the keypad
l 2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
l Can be used as a stand alone keypad
l Backlight keys
l Adjustable Door Output time, Alarm time, Door Open time
l Very low power consumption (30mA)
l Fast operating speed, <20ms with 2000 users
l Lock output current short circuit protection
l Easy to install and program
l Built in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti tamper
l Built in buzzer
l Red, Yellow and Green LEDS display the working status


One of innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications. Offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. It can operate on standalone mode with the interface for third party electric lock, alarm, door sensor, exit button and doorbell. Keypad operation is easy and convenient, such as, enrolling user, deleting user and accessing control parameter settings etc.

Magnetic Lock