Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Door Is A High-Performance Entrance System That’s The Perfect Solution To Complement Any Entrance, Which Offers A variety Of Options And Is Equipped With Sensor Systems That Comply With The Standard To Promote Reduced Liability And Increased Safety. It Is The Ideal Solution For Most All Standard Slide Door Applications.

We are providing Automatic Sliding Door   and there all accessories in UAE at   wholesale rates  our own brand AADCO TOPP 240 Model  some of description of our popular product here

Automatic Sliding Door  UAE AadcoTOPP automatic door system, models  T240, for pedestrian sliding doors, , intensive duty device, with electronic board with microprocessor of latest generation that allows the motion self-adjustment according to weight and dimension of the door panels. Built-in safety functions with thrust force control and automatic reverse on obstruction in the threshold. Device with encoder for the automatic reading of stroke, position and door panels slowdown. Programming of the basic parameters from the electronic board and of the advanced functions for user and installer via digital selector. Operation modes select able from the functions selector, the key lock switch, the digital selector or the remote control.

Automatic Sliding Door Kit

Automatic Sliding Door


Door operator’s dimensions: W 150mm X H100mm. Max. capacity 240kg

  1. Housing composed by PVC and aluminium elements providing an innovative system that helps reduce the space requirements
  2. The electronic module is separated from the mechanical Part, East to fasten to the sliding
  3. Easily removable battery group
  4. All wires are tied up on the rear side of the main beam.
  5. Heavy-duty single carriage with anti derailment system integrated into the main beam, with wheels ex tractable from The extremities of the sliding profile
  6. Easily accessible control module without removal of   the complete automation



Power supply: 230V ~ 50/60 Hz
Peripheral power output: 24V – 500mA max
Absorption: 0,41 A
Power absorbed: 90W
Type of use: intensive use
Opening/closing speed: Adjustable 100 ÷ 800 mm/s
Opening/closing approaching speed: Adjustable 10 ÷ 50 mm/s
Opening/closing acceleration: Adjustable 1 ÷ 12
Automatic closing time: Adjustable 0 ÷ 60 s
Mains voltage fuse 230V: 5 x 20 – T800 delayed
No. of door panels: 1 PANEL                   2 PANELS
Max. capacity: 120Kg                              120 + 120 Kg
Clear passage widths: 800 ÷ 2800 mm    1000 ÷ 2800 mm